Don’t just travel to exotic places, find an opportunity to grow in new ways

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Wellness Tourism, this is the catch phrase that is catching on quite rapidly around the world.  The United States is one of the top five countries where people want to travel with a purpose.  America has been the hub of the wellness tourism market as of 2014, to the tune of 180 billion dollars.  Travelers have spent billions more around the world on travel expeditions that included a growth opportunity, a self-development or enhancement component, or for health reasons such as spa vacations, yoga and meditation retreats, or holistic healing camps.  

Traveling for health has many benefits that go beyond being able to see a new country or enjoy an immersion experience in a new culture or cuisine.  Here are some major reasons why wellness tourism may be good for your health:

  1.  Most wellness tourism programs are run by travel advisors who know the best places to eat, sleep, and enjoy fresh healthy air, cooking, and relaxation.  While your counterpart on a “exotic vacations” trip is slogging through 3-star hotels, greasy food, and crowded tourist traps, you may be relaxing in a simple well-kept retreat center with organic food, fresh spring water, and bountiful nature around you.
  2. Traveling is stressful no matter how luxurious your package is, especially if you are interested in traveling to many third world cultures that boast exotic sights, food, and experiences.  So, you want to take a week-long trip to Bali, Indonesia, or
    to a yoga center in India?  Choose to go with a group of like-minded travel buddies who will join you in a meditation practice or laugh with you as you try to stand on one leg and bend over to touch the ground.  Your experience of meeting local teachers, families, and other holistic or wellness enthusiasts in the country will far outweigh the typical tourist attractions you have to rush to fit into your itinerary.
  3. The best reason of all for traveling as a group to a foreign region of the world is the ability to outsource the worst parts of arranging the trip.  Rather than navigating the less than familiar lodging, food, and transportation on your own, or cold-calling a resort and booking the package they suggest, why not let a organized travel expert with local connections arrange everything for you?  They have on-site negotiators, experience in the country you want to visit, as well as the ability to get some amenities that are not on the website.

Therapeutic Journeys is a unique program designed by Sukha International (Sukha is a Sanskrit word meaning Abiding Joy) that emphasizes holistic health, personal development, and unique learning experiences.  Each journey features expert planning, organized but flexible learning schedules, time for relaxation and sight-seeing, as well as the added value of yoga, meditation, spa services, and wellness education.  Say yes to adventure and healing, and register for a life changing travel experience today.  Registrations open at or follow us on Facebook @sukhaintl

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